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What Body Shape Are You?

What body shape are you?

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Many people buy clothes that don’t suit their body shape. They buy it because it’s in fashion and don’t give a second thought to how unflattering it will look on them.

When it comes to clothes, its not about your weight, it’s about understanding your body shape.

For example if you have an hour glass shape but your bust is bigger than your hips then you would want to balance your lower body with your bust.  Therefore you would choose tops that narrow your bust such as v-neckline or waterfall cardigans that drape down minimising the bust. For bottoms, again you want to help balance to something like boot cut jeans, full or A-line skirts etc.

As a professional personal shopper I help eliminates costly mistakes; by selecting the right clothes which will flatter your body, making you ooze style and look fantastic.


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