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Case Study: Lindsay


I had met Lindsay on a few occasions. She is a lively, friendly and confident lady running her own business in the blogging, social media, copywriting and networking field. You could have knocked me down with a feather when she called to tell me how anxious and downcast she gets when it comes to shopping!

As it happens, Lindsay’s dislike of shopping is not uncommon. Like 44% of UK women, Lindsay dreaded the thought of going shopping. She tended to go into shops to try things on, get despondent and then leave – often wishing she had never even gone shopping in the first place! When she did find something that fitted, she bought it based on its fit, rather than its colour, shape or style.

From a work point of view, Lindsay could see that her look was out of sync with her rather modern blogging and social media work commitments. She won’t mind me saying that she described herself as “frumpy”, out of touch and off the pace. She had also recently taken on a high profile client which was likely to connect her to some very stylish people. In short, she was looking to up her glamour!


How I helped her

Like many of my clients, Lindsay had lost her way from a style point of view. She didn’t know where to go or how to choose or combine outfits appropriate to the different roles in her life. She actively avoided shopping as these experiences made her anxious and unhappy.

Lindsay was very open with me both on the ‘phone and in my questionnaire about her styling issues. Given her dislike of shopping, I shopped for her in advance and delivered a brand new capsule wardrobe to her home with everything in her size. It worked a treat! Lindsay was able to try on all the items in the comfort of her own bedroom, with me on hand to help style and accessorise. Lindsay loved it.

From the questionnaire, I knew Lindsay’s body shape. (She had great legs, but she had been hiding them under long skirts!) I selected a range of outfits that would suit her body shape, personal confidence and were perfectly suited to both her personal lifestyle and her business image. She needed clothes for meeting and greeting, for hosting business events, for the school run – but also for when she kicks off her shoes and has a glass of vino with her husband at weekends!

To Lindsay’s amusement, I produced special business outfits and a number of more casual pieces right out of my suitcase, giving her a younger-looking and more modern capsule wardrobe right away. Every item fitted and mixed and matched, showing her body shape to its best advantage – including those legs!

Here’s what she said afterwards:

“With the many roles I have in my life, I knew that my clothes were at odds with the image I wanted to present. With a generally negative attitude towards shopping, I asked Karen for help. She completely understood my concerns and where I needed to go in terms of image. 

Karen shopped for me in advance, and produced a cracking new set of clothes out of her suitcase! Using these items in various combinations, I had no less than 24 different outfits suited to the various roles in my life. She was a bit like Mary Poppins! 

To say I am delighted with Karen’s personal styling experience, would be an understatement. She has given me a brand new shopping confidence and a new look that suits me down to the ground.”