Welcome to the YSF Blog – special occasion styling – Top 5 Tips

//Welcome to the YSF Blog – special occasion styling – Top 5 Tips

Welcome to the YSF Blog – special occasion styling – Top 5 Tips

Hello lovely stylish readers!

I’m assuming you are reading this page because you have a love/hate relationship with fashion! Maybe you love fashion but hate being a slave to it? Well, believe it or not I do too! I love fashion and how I can style people in a way they look and feel fabulous…..but I also hate the way people are made to feel they have to follow fashion. You don’t have to be a slave to fashion or rush out to buy a whole new ‘bang on trend’ outfit as soon as it bounces off the catwalk into the high street stores, you just need to look groomed, stylish and polished! Special occasions are daunting for many who don’t naturally have a flair for styling. Check out my Top 5 Tips on how to style yourself and not look out of place for an event:

1. Consider the event, age group and demographics of who and where you are going. If you are going to a 50th wedding anniversary BBQ, don’t turn up in a white Kardashian style bodycon dress with high heels when everyone will be dressed more casually. It will lack class.

2. Consider the weather! Yep, sounds obvious but I have seen people turn up in their summer outfit which is making its debut at a racing event, only to find the rain has not stopped all night or day but they still turn up in their floaty dress and nude open toed 4 inch heels that get stuck in the turf with every step….just embarrassing! Make sure you have a plan B outfit choice for a change of weather conditions.

3. Put a bit of effort and thought into your look or outfit. Colour co-ordinate it but make sure the shade and depth of that colour actually suits you. For example, don’t buy a cobalt blue outfit just because the colour is on trend this season if your skin tone has warm undertones…. it won’t do anything to bring out your natural glowing complexion! Try booking a colour analysis session to be sure of your right colours.

4. Take some time over your nails. Never go to an event with chipped nail varnish! If you don’t like wearing nail varnish, at least make sure they are clean, filed with a slick of clear polish on.

5. Make an effort with your make-up but ensure you don’t over do it for a daytime event (leave the bright lipstick, heavy eyelid liner and glitter for after dark…..you don’t want to scare the other guests away and be left with no one to talk to!

Think classy, think stunning but don’t think it’s all about me….it should be all about the event.


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