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Welcome to a Happier Life!

1 Day BC Course

Firstly, BC stands for Broadband Consciousness. This course brings your consciousness to a new level, it literally goes broadband! It produces remarkable results!

Why consider our Coaching Courses? It is like nothing else out there…we know because we’ve tried it ourselves.

Do you ever feel something’s missing in your life?

Did you ever feel there’s another person in you?

Do you ever feel there’s more to life?

Well, we will give you the HOW

Broadband Consciousness Coaching courses have helped people with:

  • low self-esteem
  • low self-confidence
  • depression
  • their sense of purpose/direction
  • feeling lonely
  • panic attacks
  • with anxiety
  • improving their relationship with others
  • finding their spark
  • How to live a contented life without anti-depressants!

Well there’s nothing wrong with you and you don’t need fixing! You just need to be shown how the REAL you can be found again.

Broadband Consciousness is a totally unique experience and delivers remarkable results. How do we know? Because we ourselves have been through the BC life coaching process, in fact the results were so amazing, we decided to become life coaches ourselves, in order to help others.

Broadband consciousness will help you:

  • Discover a voice you never knew you had.
  • Learn how to use that new voice.
  • Use past crap to do good.
  • Learn how to stop hanging onto bad experiences in your life and turn it into research for the future.
  • Choose to live the life you truly deserve.
  • Find positivity where others find negativity.

How much would you pay for peace and happiness?

£195 for a full day, including refreshments and light lunch

Get in touch now and start living your life again!