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The Colour Analysis Session

An essential part of any image update is the Colour Analysis Session.

Is it for me?

Definitely! You will be amazed at how a colour analysis session will transform the way you shop, saving you money in the long term as well. Colour has a huge impact on how we  look and feel and how others see us. When you know which colours are flattering on you, it will give you a boost in confidence as you will know you look fantastic!

A colour analysis session will show you:

  • Which colours compliment your skin tone.
  • which colours you can wear as a block colour and which will suit you better in a print.
  • how to use of combination of your flattering colours to create a more stylish look.
  • how to make your wardrobe more versatile by using your new colours.
  • advice and tips on make-up to suit your skin tone and eye colouring.

With your wallet of personalised fabric colour swatches, it will make your shopping trips effortless as you will be shopping for clothes in your correct colour tones and can therefore be a bit more adventurous; safe in the knowledge that the shade you are buying is flattering for you.

Why Styleworks?

With Karen at the helm, an experienced and qualified personal stylist and colour consultant,  you will only receive the best service and care. Karen also works with other trained colour analysis experts so if you can’t get to her studio in Buckinghamshire, she will have someone near you.

During the session, the focus is on demonstrating to you how certain colours will make you look tired and drawn, where others will make you look younger and fantastic! We will also advise you on whether your hair colour and make-up is the right colour for your skin tone, if not, we’ll show you what is and how to apply make-up so it flatters you and makes you look more stylish.

What is it?

The method we use is a successful process of discovering what colours work well against your skin, eyes and hair, bringing out the best in you.  With the use of coloured drapes, you will see before your very eyes what colours compliment your skin tone and those that don’t.  The whole process takes approximately 2 hours. You will leave knowing you will be able to wear a quarter of the world’s colours!

So if you are interested in seeing a transformation just by wearing the ‘right’ colours, contact me and book a consultation today….it could be life changing! Just call 07961 746740 for a chat.


  • Price: £120 per session per person; includes a wallet with your personalised fabric colour swatches.
  • Discounts for group bookings, up to 2 people, or more with a second colour consultant.
  • Duration: Approximately  2 hours per person, unless for a couple.
  • Includes Make-up application in your flattering colours.
  • Why not book a hen party or girl’s night in? call for details.
  • All Colour Analysis sessions include a wallet worth £20, with your personalised fabric colour swatches
  • Advice on hair colour
  • Colour Analysis Sessions are conducted in my studio in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire.
  • We also demonstrate at events.
Please contact Styleworks for details.
Call: 07961 746740