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First impressions are based on the image you project and there is no easier way to make a good first impression than by dressing for success. Research shows that interviewers make decisions in the first 30 seconds of interviewing a candidate and 93% of that first impression will be based solely on the image you project.

At Styleworks Corporate Styling Consultancy, we make dressing for success a priority. We show you what to wear and how to wear it, explaining what employers are looking for. Corporate styling sessions are ideal whether your workplace allows a relaxed dress code or calls for a more informal professional wardrobe when meeting clients. Whichever, looking stylish, professional and well presented is key to a successful career!

Women will benefit from free make-up tips on how to look natural and not over groomed within a corporate or professional working environment. Men will receive tips on skincare and what products to use.

Styleworks also offer a range of made-to-measure suits and dresses and an off-the-peg corporate range of clothing for you to purchase, confident in the knowledge you will project a professional image.

Rates for Corporate Styling:

£70 ph (minimum booking of 2 hours for personal shopping). We can work to any budget and still make you look well-groomed.

Corporate Styling and personal shopping trips include:

  • The stylist researching your requirements the day before your shopping trip with her taking you straight to the stores or tailors that will stock what you need for a stylish wardrobe, saving you time on your shopping trip.
  • Advice on how to style yourself.
  • What corporate colours best suit you, using colour drapes to demonstrate.
  • A personalised Style Guide.

Workshops include:

  • Practical advice on how best to style yourself depending on the company you work for.
  • Advice on how to wear business-wear in a professional way.
  • The benefits of using a bespoke tailor service and demonstrations.
  • Shopping within budget and how to still look well-groomed.

Rates for workshops depend on the time required. Please call for details.

Contact Karen:
Call: 07961 746740