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Wardrobe Full and Nothing to Wear?

You need the Wardrobe Weeding Service!

What is Wardrobe Weeding?

It is just like weeding your garden, pulling out the old and tatty plants and replacing with new to see your garden transformed before your eyes; the difference is Wardrobe Weeding is a complete re-organisation of your wardrobe and clothes! Karen will go to your home and sort through your clothes in your wardrobe and will advise you on what to keep, throw out or what could be updated by adding a few new additions. By the end of the session, normally about 2 hours, you will have a more co-ordinated wardrobe of clothes….plus feel liberated and less frustrated when you look for clothes to wear. It is ideal when followed by a personal shopping session to add your new season’s key pieces.

The Wardrobe Weeding service includes:

  • Taking a look at your wardrobe to get an idea of your personal style
  • Mini style review
  • Make clothes easy to access
  • Create new looks with the clothes you already own
  • Wardrobe update suggesting accessories and adding seasonal trend pieces
  • Outfit building suggestions
  • Discuss what additions should be made to create new looks
  • Personalised in-depth Style Guide emailed to you. Includes photos and outfit suggestions with your essential capsule wardrobe

Please allow 2-3 hours for this package. Usually for  one double wardrobe size.


  • Travelling to your home* to assess your current style and what additions need to be made.
  • Organising the layout of your wardrobe to make outfit selection easy.
  • Suggestions for a capsule wardrobe of clothes to make outfit building easier.

*Travel fees may apply if outside of a 30 mile radius of Buckinghamshire, SL0.

Individual consultation in your home:

Duration up to 3 hours

Rates: £150

For more information and prices about a Wardrobe De-clutter service with a Wardrobe Weed to maximise space, contact Styleworks for more information.
Mail: info@style-works.co.uk
Call: 07961 746740