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…brand new shopping confidence…

With the many roles I have in my life, I knew that my clothes were at odds with the image I wanted to present. With a generally negative attitude towards shopping, I asked Karen for help. She completely understood my concerns and where I needed to go in terms of image.

Karen shopped for me in advance, and produced a cracking new set of clothes out of her suitcase! Using these items in various combinations, I had no less than 24 different outfits suited to the various roles in my life. She was a bit like Mary Poppins!

To say I am delighted with Karen’s personal styling experience would be an understatement. She has given me a brand new shopping confidence and I am really enjoying my new look that suits me down to the ground.


Lindsay McLoughlin, Henley, Oxfordshire

…After a few hours with Karen…

… I feel confident and happy in what we have achieved. I now know what suits my complexion and can comfortably go into a store and choose outfits I would never have thought of picking up and trying on. I know what style and what shape best suits me. I am a mum and I never spend any money on myself and all my attention goes on my son….so it was nice to have a day out and all the attention was on me. Karen knew I had a small budget so she didn’t take me to the designer shops but instead worked with my budget and was able to show me so many lovely clothes in my price range. I would highly recommend Karen and really enjoyed the day.

Emily, London

…look and feel so beautiful…

When my mum won a Mother’s Day competition to win a makeover she really didn’t know what to expect , she was excited but also a little bit nervous never having met a personal stylist before but from the moment we met Karen she put us both at ease! She is so lovely and easy to talk to, before long my mum was really enjoying the whole experience! The colour analysis and advice she gave my mum were brilliant and will be so useful when shopping in the future. In the past I have received a gift voucher which included a personal shopping session in a department store, but I didn’t use it as I felt too intimidated but I wouldn’t hesitate now. I just want to say a massive thank you to Karen from my mum and myself for making her experience so amazing, and most importantly for making her look and feel so beautiful! Thank you!
Sharon Carroll, Berkshire

…I felt confident in the clothes…

I  have had my colours done and also attended an image class some years ago and not really followed what was said apart from my colours. I have recently had surgery so have been waiting to buy clothes to fit me now and took the opportunity of getting expert advice. I found Karen’s flyer and was immediately attracted to it. We had a half day shop and it was fun and moreover I felt confident in the clothes that Karen suggested for me. The style guide that she has produced for me is invaluable. Really enjoyed myself and thank you I won’t be buying things for the sake of it now!!!

Sharon Jhheent, Woodley, Berkshire

…I know I will look and feel good…

I have loved working with Karen. Having had months of “clothes panics” trying to decide what to wear I am now able to go straight to my wardrobe and find something suitable that I know I will look and feel good in. Karen helped me to identify colours that suit me and has then helped me to work out styles that will look good too.She has a friendly, helpful and non-judgemental manner and it has really been a great process to go through – not only do I look better on the outside but feel better on the inside too.

Josephine Blythe, Twyford, Berkshire

…fully armed with my own colour swatch…

So my session with Karen not only helped me look for the right colours today but I was fully armed with my own colour swatch that I showed to staff at the retail outlets who then pointed me in the right direction to find the clothes that complimented my skin tone. It not only saved me time looking, I came away with 5 new tops with colours that I probably would never have chosen had I not been educated by the very lovely Karen Xavier.
Karen Peters, Mattingley, Berkshire

…took the stress out of my decision making…

Loved my shopping day with you yesterday and am absolutely delighted with the purchases. You took the stress out of my decision making and shopping experience – thank you!
Jane, Virginia Water, Surrey

…match trends and styles to the right person…

Karen is the consummate professional. As a stylist she’s knowledgeable, reliable and intuitive, and knows how to match trends and styles to the right person. You’ll be in very good hands.
Laura Cully, Director http://www.ionmagazine.co.uk

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