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Why Use a Personal Shopper?

How often have you fallen in love with an item of clothing, bought it and left it hanging, unworn in your wardrobe? More often than not, people purchase items of clothing on a whim, without giving a thought to how they will mix and match with other garments in their wardrobe or whether the cut of the fabulous new “must-have” will actually suit them… Simply liking an item of clothing is not a good enough reason to buy it. So often, these impulse buys become costly mistakes, as the new garments remain unloved in your wardrobe while you continue to wear the same clothes day-in-day-out. This is where using the services of Your Shopping Friend will help. Karen, a qualified T.V and magazine stylist, will help transform not only your wardrobe but show you how and where to shop for your body shape and lifestyle.

During her style consultation, Karen will pre-select only the shops that stock your style within your budget, saving you time, energy and frustration by avoiding shops that don’t stock the right clothes for you. Having your own Personal Shopper means you will receive “honest” fashion advice based on your body shape and lifestyle and not based on the shop assistant’s sales commission. Karen will show you how to outfit build, using accessories and key capsule pieces that every wardrobe should have. After compiling a shopping list of items you really need and NOT those you simply crave, she will take you shopping and give you candid professional advice on the clothes you try on… Now that’s a true shopping friend! Karen, Your Shopping Friend, covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, London, Surrey and Sussex. A regular personal shopper in the London and Berkshire area, Karen knows her way around even the most daunting of shopping centres and independent shops, including those hidden gems!


Contact Karen:

Mail: karen@style-works.co.uk

Call: 07961 746740